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VPs, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Leads, Specialists, Coordinators, Analysts, Foremans, Superintendents, Advisors, Scientists of:

  • Production
  • Production Operations
  • Operations
  • Artificial Lift
  • Production Engineering
  • Flow Assurance
  • Artificial Lift Production

Plus Leading Technology & Service Providers In:

  • A.I.
  • Smart Learning Devices
  • Interconnected Sensors & Predictive Analytics 
  • Gas Lift, Rod Lift and ESP
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Emissions Measurement
  • Well Monitoring & Control
  • Reservoir Management
  • Production Optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Artificial Lift
  • Flow assurance 
  • Motors
  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Downhole Gas Separators 
  • Remote Monitoring 
  • Flare Reduction
  • Velocity Gas Lifts
  • ESP Optimization
  • Artificial Lift Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Sand Management
  • Corrosion
  • Paraffin
  • H2S


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2022 Event Outline:

Adopting A.I, New Digital Solutions & Hardware Upgrades To Increase Oil Recovery,
Efficiency, And Profitability, While Reducing Cost And Managing Resources To Drive
Production Optimization


Automation and digitalization, A.I. and machine learning present a whole new opportunity for further optimizing production in the oil and gas industry; to acquire those often-elusive final percentage efficiency gains that to date have been acquired through innovations in horizontal directional drilling, completions/fracking techniques and production hardware improvements. 

As we move into 2022 and the oil price stabilizes, along with the next generation of digital solutions, A.I. and machine learning applications promise to further revolutionize key aspects of tight oil production applications including well monitoring and control, reservoir management, production optimization, predictive maintenance, artificial lift, and flow assurance. 

Key questions remain, however, including knowing how to implement these tools in such a way that all known risks are managed, value is genuinely delivered and the actual results make an measurable difference to the profitability of your operation.  And, of course, that they are applicable to your own specific production optimization goals, whether those be cash flow, quarter by quarter related or driven by delivering longer-term asset value. 

Practical issues like this will be addressed at the forthcoming American Business Conferences event on Production Optimization & Artificial Lift Innovation taking place on 30-31 March, 2022, and the 8th Annual Congress in our Production Optimization series.  

In an exciting update on the original event, the 2022 Congress will take real-world examples of A.I, digital solutions and hardware upgrades; as they are specifically applied to the business of production optimization - and the most efficient lifting technique - for each individual wellsite production situation.   

2022 Congress Priority Learning Areas

This program will offer solutions and insights across the following strategic priority learning areas:

  • Insights into how multi phase flow correlations can improve environmental performance and energy usage
  • How to incorporate new technology into artificial lift equipment designs to improve optimization and reduce system failure
  • Further improvements to ESP performance and emission reduction including A.I, predictive analytics and best practice data usage
  • How new technologies can improve artificial lift run time, reduce repair costs and down time
  • The use of A.I. for failure detection, calculation and mitigation
  • Innovations in cost saving and increased well production for all pump types 


DAY 1:

Including A.I, Smart Learning Devices, Interconnected Sensors & Predictive Analytics To Improve Artificial Lift Runtimes & Optimize Production

  • Strategic Implementation Of A.I. And Calculating Return On Investment
  • New Technology For Improving Runtime And Emissions For Gas Lift And ESP's - Improve Performance, Lower Emissions and Extend Pump Life
  • New Technology For Gas Lift Optimization And Emissions/Energy Usage Reduction - Lower Lifting Cost, Improve Runtime & Lower Carbon Footprint
  • ESP Optimization Failure Detection & Mitigation - Reduce Energy Consumption And Extend Pump Runlife
  • New Technologies & Hardware Upgrades For Rod Pump & ESG Optimization


Including Real Time Monitoring, Effective Use of Data, A.I. Prediction & More Efficient Pump Designs & Practical Uses Of Improvements And Developments In A.I. And Artificial Lift Design

  • Strategic Objectives Of A.I. & Machine Learning Implementation
  • Application Of A.I. & Digital Solutions For Failure Detection & Mitigation
  • New Technology Innovation & Solutions For Emissions Measurement, Reduction & Flaring
  • Reviewing Lift Selection Criteria, Operator Production Goals & Well Economics For 2022 & Beyond

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